Screen Printing

Our in house carousel allows us to compliment our embroidery process with traditional silk screen printing. The process of silk screen printing involves exposing your design onto a mesh based silk screen using a process of ultra violet light. Ink is then "squeezed” through the exposed areas of mesh and deposited onto your garment before being heat cured prior to packing.

Screen printing can be offered as a stand alone service or in conjunction with embroidery. It is particularly popular when reproducing large designs on garments as it is less expensive than a large embroidery.

All design work for screen printing is carried out in-house. This includes any photography required as well as exposure of designs onto silk screen. We are able to design for you from scratch or convert a logo into a suitable format for this process.

Set-Up Costs

We charge a silk screen set up cost for your logo which is based on the number of colours in the design. The rate is £12.00 ex.VAT per screen, per colour up to a maximum of six colours. So, for example, if your design has three colours in it, the set up cost would be £36.00 ex.VAT. Like embroidery programming charges, silk screen set up costs are one off, assuming the design doesn't change.

Unit Costs

If you choose to have your garments screen printed, the unit costs includes a print in either one or two colours. If your first design has more than two colours, you should add 40p ex.VAT onto the cost of the garment per colour, up to a maximum of six colours. If you are using your print as an additional design, there is a £1.40 ex.VAT charge unit cost for the extra print, assuming it is in one or two colours. Again, if the design contains more than two colours, you should add an extra 40p ex.VAT onto this tariff up to a maximum of six colours.


As we work with a six head print carousel, the maximum number of colours that you can have in your design for silk screen printing is six. On occasions where your design may have more than six colours, it would be necessary to "combine” colours within it to ensure no more than six are used. As with embroidery, you can use different ink colours for the same design depending on the garment colour at no extra cost.

Logo Sizes

Our screen printing pricing structure covers all sizes of print up to and including A3. This means that our pricing covers any size of design whether it is for the breast, sleeve or back of a garment.