Thermal Transfer Printing

To compliment our screen printing and digital printing processes, we are able to offer the more basic form of thermal transfer printing. This involves shapes and text being "cut out” on vinyl laminate and flash heated onto garments.

It is a particularly popular process if your garments require to be individually personalised with names and numbers or if a basic, single colour logo requires to be reproduced on a fabric not compatible with screen printing.

Set-Up Costs

If we are working with a simple logo or a repeat slogan or text message, a one off set-up fee of £12.00 ex.VAT applies. Individual names and numbers do not incur a set up cost.

Unit Costs

As with all our personalisation methods, the garment pricing is inclusive of one design. If you are using thermal transfer printing as a secondary design on your garments then additional charges apply. If it is a repeat design appearing on all garments, the cost would be £1.40 ex.VAT per garment. Names are charged at £2.00 ex.VAT per garment and numbers at an extra £1.00 ex.VAT.


Thermal transfer is available only in single colour. We have a core stock of colours although it is possible to match most colours as required. There are also some alternatives available such as glitter gold and silver.

Logo Sizes

Thermal transfer printing is available in virtually all sizes. Small sized designs are more common, however, if necessary, we can accommodate larger designs without the dangers associated with digital printing occurring.